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Highest Degree



Shang, Kuo-Chung

Ph.D. in Logistics & Operations Management,

University of Cardiff, UK

International Logistics Management, Shipping Management,

International Trade Practice, Enterprise Management


Huang , Yo-I

Ph.D. of Department of International Business, National ChengChi University

International Trade Theory, Trade and Industrial Network,

Industrial Organization

Associate Professor

Chen, Shiou-Yu

Ph.D. of International Business,

National Taiwan University

International marketing, Supply chian management,

International Industry analysis

Associate Professor

Jan, Man-Ser

Ph.D. Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Georgia

Demand and Price Analysis,

Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, Econometric Methods

Assistant Professor

Chung, Wu-Shun

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Sustainable Supply Chain, Reverse Supply Chain,

Sustainable Design, Product Modular Design

Assistant Professor

Yen, Chia-Dai

Ph.D. Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management,

National Central University

Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Learning Organization, Competence management, Marine Education

Assistant Professor

Lai, Shu-Miao

Ph.D. in Department of Accounting,

National ChengChi University

Financial accounting, Corporate finance, Internal control

Assistant Professor

Ho, Shiao-Wei

Ph.D. in Department of Finance,

National Central University

Financial engineering, Asset pricing,

Derivative Commodity Evaluation and Application

Associate Professor

Keng, Nien-Yu

Adult and Human Resource

Development Leadership ,

The University of Texas at Austin

business management,

education, bilingual and intercultural,

human resource Management